Stella is like any other 7yr old. She is getting settled in grade 2. She loves making new friends and learning all kinds of new things from her amazing teachers. She loves music – Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber are on constant rotation in our house. She loves her little brother, mom, dad, her family dog Arthur, and her service dog Camper! And yet Stella has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 which affects all of her voluntary muscles. We began to notice something was wrong when she was 8 months old and started missing major motor milestones. We finally got her diagnosis right before her first birthday. 

 This is SMA

  • SMA destroys the nerves that control voluntary movement like crawling, walking, head and neck control and even swallowing.
  • SMA is the #1 genetic killer of children under the age 2.
  • 1 in 6000 babies is born with SMA.
  • 50% of the children diagnosed before the age 2, will die before their 2nd birthday.

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Team Stella

Oliver - Brother
Oliver – Brother
Sarah - Mom
Sarah – Mom
Myles - Dad
Myles – Dad


Team Stella is also all of those who take time throughout the year to help Stella raise money and awarness for SMA, and of course all of her doctors and care givers that are dedicated to helping Stella live the most amazing life possible. Check out some of her heros on Facebook.

TeamStella 2


 We are currently raising money to buy Stella a power wheelchair and begin raising fund to secure Spinraza — The first ever treatment for SMA! If you would like to help us make this happen please consider giving via a secure GoFundMe transaction.