Stella’s little helper.


Stella is capping her 2 year wait with two weeks in Columbus Ohio to receive her final training and meet her canine companion!


What a great day !

For everyone that guessed my dogs name was Camper you were right. Tomorrow I get to bring my dog home so tonight is the last night without Camper. Tomorrow I get to take him out on a lunch trip. I can’t wait for the opportunity tomorrow. — Love Stella

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Today was the big day 🙂 !

Today I found out that my dog is a boy, his name starts with a C and you’re called it if you do it. I can’t wait to tell you his name when I see you. This morning when we got put with him we practised going through doorways. The commands were out, back, move, and let’s go. We also learned behind, that makes him go behind me through the doorway. We took him out to go to the bathroom and I used hurry to get him to go. We had lunch with the dog. After we had lunch with the dog the dog had his lunch. After we were all done eating we checked his body and groomed him. We checked his eyes his ears brushed his teeth combed his hair and trimmed his nails. My daddy helped. After we were done that we went outside and practised putting the dog in the car. I was so excited that when I had to leave him today I was so sad. I can’t wait for the opportunity tomorrow. — Love Stella

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So Excited !!!

Hey everybody I am very excited for tomorrow because they are going to assigned me a dog. Today I worked with Camper II, Bindy III, and Moritz. The first lesson we did let’s go, sit, down, visit, step, lap, and off. The second lesson we did bed, up, under, and off. When I get home I promise to bring my dog to visit the school so all of my friends and classmates can meet him. I miss playing at recess with all of you, I can’t wait to come home and see you. — Love Stella


Day one is done 😉

This is me and Klaus IV. He was one of the dogs that I trained with today. In the first session I had a dog named Wolk. In the second session I had Klaus IV. In the third session I trained with Chesney. In the last session of the day I trained with a dog named Camper. We learned about training dogs. In the first and second sessions we learned let’s go, sit, and down. In the third and fourth sessions we learned how to correct the dog, let’s go, sit, down, and shake. I’m having lots of fun! —  love Stella

Hi everyone 🙂

Hi everyone 🙂  yesterday I came to our hotel and I like it. This is one of the first pictures for these 2 weeks. Oliver Arthur and I are excited for my new dog. I am happy but sad because I miss my friends.   — Love stella


We have arrived!

It is late but we are excited to be here in Columbus to get Stella’s assistance dog. Our room is great.  Stella has been working hard to learn her commands and is looking forward to our first day of training. She will be posting photos and stories on this page for the rest of the week so stay tuned!

Thanks to Mary Miller of Orthotic Dimensions
Thanks to Brandon Halladay & Mattamy Homes
Thanks to the McNaught Family for helping us with Oliver! 🙂