Welcome to the family Arthur!


Since loosing our 13 yr old Goldendoodle George just over two years ago, we have been thinking about another dog for some time. We are dog people. We miss the long walks and dog hair on our black pants 😉 Myles has been doing a lot of research into breeders after two failed attempts to adopt a rescue. Without telling the kids we found and picked a puppy in early March, and then brought him home on April 1st. NOT an April fools joke!!! Meet Arthur! He is a medium sized (expected size 50-60lbs) Goldendoodle (George was a standard size at 100lbs) and is named after Myles Grandfather, like George was named after both our other Grandfathers. He is already settling in nicely and the kids were over the moon happy to have a furry little brother!

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