It’s a crazy thing to be able to physically see, touch, and taste the love people have for you.

This is a SMALL portion of the containers of food that our friends and family have supported us with over the last month. A tangible lifeline to get us by, day by day, by day. A lasagna, Indian food, salad, soup, cookies and even a bottle of wine are all  real, quantifiable acts of love. Cards, flowers, trinkets in the mail. We are so grateful for the army of people we have behind us.

Being on the receiving end of such wonderful hospitality and generosity and love is humbling. I hope I’m learning to be gracious in excepting these wonderful gifts. It’s not a natural thing for us to ask and receive for help but we are slowly learning. And we are so grateful. To know that we will never be able to repay such a debt on such a scale is also humbling.  When “thank you” and a smile is all you can give back and hopefully the knowledge that every bite of every meal, and every kind word in every note did make a difference. It does make a difference. In nourishing not only our bodies but our hearts. 

My friend and fellow SMA mama wrote an article about the community that is created out of chaos. She so eloquently writes how overwhelming our grief and struggle is that we don’t know even how to ask for help. And how each dish and gift is a reminder and acknowledgement of our communities love. You can read it here http://shelovesmagazine.com/2015/chaos-creates/


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