PICU update

So labs are back and clear so Stella got booted out of isolation and into the ward.

We first got transferred to the Cardiac Critical Care room, as these babies are “clean”. They are super cute and Stella and I both would like to scoop them all up and give them snuggles, but they are also loud. And so are their alarms. Stella is unimpressed. Thank goodness for state of the art technology (ie. iPads, white noise apps, and headphones). This also makes us incredibly nervous as they may be clean…but their parents, siblings and other ¬†visitors may not be. Cue the crazy germaphobe mama.¬†10892017_10152850988360813_7169502596305049548_n

After 24 hours, we got booted back to PICU but again to a group room of four more “clean kids”. Cue the even more tired germaphobe mama.

As of today she has tolerated a few more bipap breaks and continues to do okay off it for limited periods. However we are still miles away from her baseline heart rate and we still have no idea why this has continued to be such an issue.


We will continue to trail the bipap breaks tomorrow and hope that with time and rest (not likely in such a bright/loud environment) she will get better. We just wish it was a touch faster. But its hard work getting better and she is such a fighter.

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