SMA Family Camp – Ontario

After months of planning and lots of hard work we rolled out the first SMA family camp in Ontario! We had a great location just north of Toronto and we hosted 15 families (70+ people!!!) for four days in August.


We had a great time enjoying the pond (although it was way too cold to swim!), the beach, and the little park. But mostly we just loved being together.


We had some nicer weather our second day and played some giant soccer, adaptive bowling, and (finally) got to test out the drive through sprinkler that we’ve been planning and building. Kids and parents alike had an awesome time and we are happy to report that no power chairs were fried! Success!

We also got to enjoy a wonderful campfire with sparklers, singing, and of course smores!


sprinklercamp fire

Our third day we held the much-anticipated obstacle course. This event has every member of the family in a power chair trying to navigate the teeter-totter, bubble blast, bubble wrap and safety cones in a race for best time. Surprise, surprise, the kids kicked our butts. But it was heaps of fun and very humbling for the parents and siblings!

We also had time for crafts that afternoon. Tie dye, rock creature painting, beading and cards.

That night we had our camp-themed luau. We had a great time all dressing up, dancing, and even some karaoke. We also participated in the National SMA awareness candle lighting ceremony which was held that evening across Canada.

obstacle crafts2 crafts luau

Our last day we did some super fun photo booths with the kids. The pictures turned out great and the kids had a blast being super heroes and princesses! Our niece Jessica did a great job organizing and supplying all the costumes and backgrounds!

We ended our fabulous weekend with a group photo. We are so grateful to all the families that came out for our first year. We are also forever indebted to our wonderful volunteers who worked so hard and helped so much! And lastly, the whole event wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for our sponsors. Because of their generous donations we were able to dramatically subsidize the cost for families.

super heroes group shotAnd we had such a great time… we’re going to do it again! We are happy to report that we have already booked for summer 2015! We will keep you posted on the plans!


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