Stella is 4!

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

Miss Stella you know what you want, you’re sassy, and you’re sweet as pie! We are so proud of you and all the accomplishments you have mastered in your short four years. You are so smart and quick to learn new things. You’re inquisitive and ask one million questions every day. You have such a kind heart, sympathizing with others, despite your own obstacles. When you put your little arm on my should and say “its okay mama” it makes me smile and weep all in the same instant. You love your family and friends and we were so happy to get to celebrate our amazing girl with most of them over a number of days at the end of April.

Stella really wanted a rainbow sprinkle princess party. And so that’s what she got! Myles outdid himself with the cake. There may have been a crazy run on food colouring and sprinkles at our local Loblaws! 😉 And I hit the computer,  getting my digital craft on. Its hard in the era of Pinterest not to go overboard, but we do have so. much. fun. putting it all together. And Stella actually does appreciate the effort, noting in a hushed voice “its soooooo beautiful”. melt. We hired in a princess who was AMAZING. Stella was speechless for a few minute. A rarity. And then wouldn’t stop talking to Rapunzel. They sang, they did makeup and nails and then we blew out the candles on Stella’s wickedly yummy and uber gorgeous cake.  And we all had a fabulous time!



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