I can’t believe that we have a school-aged little girl! Where has the time gone?

When Stella was first diagnosed as a coping mechanism, we forgot all the milestones and lifelong dreams we once had for her. And we lived in the present. Every day on its own. With our precious girl and how she was doing at the time. And slowly, as the days turned into weeks, and the months turned into years we now are occasionally caught off guard by how far we’ve come. How far Stella has come.

To say that the idea of sending Stella to full day junior kindergarten is daunting and the amount of work involved that has gone on to make this a reality has required a small army of people is an understatement. To say we are beyond excited for Stella in this new adventure of friendship, learning and independence is also an understatement. Worth every email, phone call, school meeting, follow up email, reminder phone call, observation meeting, report findings, case conference, repeat, repeat, repeat. You get the idea.

We have had a very positive case meeting at the school with the key players including CCAC who will be co-ordinating her nursing support and equipment needs, as well as the Peel District School Board Special Education Liaison who will ensure Stella’s ongoing needs are met and supported, and the school administration, teachers and support staff who have been warm, inviting and very accommodating. We have also had the added work of co-ordinating before and after school care as both Myles and I work hours beyond the school day. Again we have been (surprisingly) happy with their acceptance of Stella in their programs and their willingness to acquire the extra help Stella will need.

We know there will be bumps in this road, but we are keeping our eye on the prize of one very happy little girl who couldn’t be more thrilled to be heading off to “big girl school” in September! We are in awe of our beautiful girl and all her accomplishments. We also know how lucky we truly are. And how far away this goal seemed just three years ago. ┬áIt gives us so much hope to dream of the future.


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