Radio Silence?

Hey Sarah, no more daily blog posts? Well, no. The one and only perk about staying in the hospital (Ok the awesome nurses make for two perks. But thats it.) is the mandatory quiet mama time I was getting. This translated on most days into a short nap, a snack and a blog post while […]

Tubie Friends

A few days before Stella’s surgery a friend of mine shared with me a company that provides toy animals with real Gtubes for kids going through surgery like Stella. Fantastic! I googled the up that night. They will even customize the toy for the type of tube your child is getting. Amazing! I went to […]


So in case you missed it, miss Stella went on and on and on about donuts (black with black icing and sprinkles. Just to be precise.) while she was recouping from her surgery. I did my best with a Tim Hortons run, but our good friend Danielle who lives out in Calgary had an even […]

Post Op: Day Three

Day three. Really? Feels like thirty three. Stella was up at 8am. Thank you stellzbellz! Nurse changeover brought a new Nurse “A2”. Super lovely. They all come home with us right? I was able to track down a volunteer so I could go run and grab some breaky. Oh coffee, I love you. And I […]