Stella’s Robot Arms! – Part Two

If you haven’t already, you should read Part One.

We had our first accident.

Stella has her WREX connected to her power chair. This makes sense for many reasons but it poses a couple of issues:

The first is that she isn’t always in her power chair – she does most of her “playing” etc in her tumble form feeder seat [more on this later].

The second issue is that when the arms are off they swing out to the side and, well, yesterday Stella drove through a narrow doorway and the right arm didn’t make it.


Photo 2013-06-02 12 22 34 PMPhoto 2013-06-02 12 22 06 PM

So I am going to have to call Whitney and Tariq for a replacement part.

This is not as bad as it could have been. Because as I mentioned earlier we have been a bit frustrated that the arms only attach to Stella’s power chair. I recently paired Stella’s tumble form feeding chair [she uses this stationary chair 80% of the time in our house to play/eat/whatever] with a Muskoka chair that was made for her by a family friend. It looked like everything would line up pretty well so I hacked her WREX to it. It works really well. It needs a tweak or two but now we have two spots for her to use this amazing device!


And she loves just having them on sometimes. If you need evidence…


We’ll share more later.


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