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The annual Rebecca Run is quickly approaching and we wanted to give Team Stella an update.

The reason we have delayed rolling out our invite this year is that Stella is actually scheduled to have some surgery the week before the race. At this point we doubt we will be able to attend. I’m sure you can all understand that we feel badly asking people to “join us” for an event we aren’t even sure we can attend. However, we would be honoured to have people still participate (walk/run/roll) and represent Team Stella if they are feeing adventurous enough to venture up to Newmarket for some early morning athletics. Or you are¬†welcome to take a pass this year and we will re-group bigger and better for 2014!

For those still wanting to don your green shirts, you can register to join Team Stella at the Rebecca Run here:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.20.52 PM
We typically do the 3km walk/stroll. In the past, some friends kids have done the kid run, and we have had some athletic friends do the 5km run (show offs!).
It’s an early start, and a bit of a trek. There isn’t really any stores nearby, so we’ve always come prepared for anything. Two years ago it was sunny and hot weather, last year we had a torrential downpour. Regardless the show goes on!
Each registered participant gets a swag bag with some loot in it and tickets for the hotdog lunch afterwards. I say this as we’ve learned over the years, you can decide to register everyone in the family, or just the adults, etc. I always bring extra food and drinks for the kids and for the extra hungry husband!
The other point of confusion we have found is the Race Kit pick up – you don’t need to do it ahead of time, and can do it the day of the race…just get there a little early/on time.
The Rebecca Run provides running shirts in the loot bags, however we have our own shirts made up (so everyone matches!), if you are new to Team Stella or have lost/outgrown your previous shirt please email me personally at to let me know sizes (the shirts are all mens and youth/infant).

The second option is to support Team Stella through fundraising.  You can donate here:

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.21.25 PM

Many of you have already been so generous to donate in honour of a loved ones birthday, Christmas, and in the past years fundraising campaigns. We truly appreciate your financial support. This is one of the hardest pieces for us. Asking for money. But we know the two key pillars to finding a treatment and a cure is money and awareness. If you are unable to financially support us, we totally understand. Really. Instead, please share Stella’s story and let more people know about SMA. Six degrees of separation! Right!!!
The Rebecca Run is an amazing SMA fundraiser! They have raised over $2 million dollars for Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Canada, which supports families and funds research to help find a cure. We will be sad to miss seeing you all, but will join you all in spirit (and in our green shirts!) from our room at Sick Kids Hospital. We will be sure to give updates as Miss Stella recovers.

xo S

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