Stella’s Robot Arms! – Part One


Stella has her robot arms! More specifically her Wilimington Robotic Exoskeleton or WREX.


Stella and I packed up last wednesday and drove 10hrs to Wilmington Delaware. Tip for any parents out there of young children….. a 10hr drive with a 3yr old is not advised.



Needless to say, as you can tell from this photo Stella was not quite as happy at the end of the trip as she was when we started.



It may have had something to do with the quality food on offer at the Interstate rest stops. I was kind of excited when I realized they had Starbucks but the highway version didn’t have the bistro boxes with the hummus and hard boiled egg. Go figure.



We got settled into the hotel and I got Stella’s equipment up and running. It was late and we both fell asleep pretty quickly. In the morning Stella watched CN and asked if we could buy or try the products/services/food in EVERY commercial. Then it was off to the Hospital to see Tariq and Whitney.




I know it doesn’t look like it here but Stella had a really good time in their lab. By the time we took this photo Stella had had enough and wanted to “Go Home” so as you can see she was not impressed when we stopped proceedings for a photo op.


Stella was unsure at first with what the WREX was. We talked a lot about the robot arms before we went down to get them but it was still very strange for her. Here she is using them for the first time>


Eventually Stella got tired and wanted a hug and there was something irresistible about when she held her arms up to me for a squeeze.  I obliged.

Now we are home and tweaking the WREX for Stella. Because each set is bespoke there is still a lot of work to be done. We will loop in our OT and an orthotists and keep everyone posted!

If there was any doubt how happy she is about her WREX….

On a final note. We are still running our indiegogo compaign to help fund this therapy. If you are interested in helping please visit her page.


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