It takes a village.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. This is literally becoming the case. We are thrilled to welcome “Nurse N” to our ever-expanding brood!

After countless hours, phone calls, emails, doctors visits, in-home assessments, denials,…(you get the point) Myles has finally “won” Stella 24 hours of nursing per week through CCAC Mississauga. After much debate and discussion we have decided to divide that up into three 8-hour shifts midweek. This should ensure we get a couple nights of good rest and are in better shape for work. Replacing caffein with actual rest, novel idea.

It has been a great couple of weeks of transition. Us getting to know her, her us, and specifically Stella and her “gear”. We are so grateful Stella has been well the last couple of weeks as it has allowed her to bond with Nikki, as well and ease us all into this new arrangement. We feel this is a great foundation for when inevitably Stella is unwell and we go into “high gear” (Insert alarm bells going off).

We are also so thankful to our SMA community for counselling us during this time. They have given us lots of pointers, helpers, and hard-earned advice. They are our go-to people for the logistics of pulling all this off with some of our sanity and sense of humour intact.

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