help Stella get wheels for her wheels!


Hello blog followers. I just wanted to acknowledge how much we appreciate you taking this journey with us. Your kind words, support, and feedback are greatly appreciated and keep us fuelled to fight this battle with Miss S. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

We have a favour to ask of you, our friends and family.

We don’t often talk about the financial burdens we face. But they are staggering. We are very blessed to live in Canada (thank you Universal Health Care), have two good jobs with two good insurance plans, and have some means to pay for the things that aren’t covered. But we are getting into some pretty crazy figures. And aside from robbing a bank or winning the lottery we are always looking for another avenue of revenue. When I came across the National Mobility Awareness Van Giveaway we quickly drafted a profile and posted a pic. The giveaway is vote-based. You can vote ONCE EVERY DAY day till MAY 10th. They are giving away an accessible van (a $50,000+ value) to the winner.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 4.23.20 PM

UPDATE: You can vote once per IP address EVERYDAY! That means once from home (home network), once on your smartphone (via 3G), and once at work!!!

Stella’s power wheelchair weights 300lbs. An accessible van is a necessity. You can cast your ballot for Stella here:

Even if we don’t win, we would be thrilled for the awareness for all mobility restricted individuals as well as for SMA and Stella. We would be even more grateful if you could share this post and the giveaway via email or Facebook to even further spread Stella’s story.

PS. We are currently at 8,000 plus views on Stella’s YouTube video. That figure alone boggles my mind, but makes me thankful for the positive power of the internet. How awesome would it be to reach 10,000 views for Stella’s 3rd birthday next month!?!?!

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