Thank-You Holland Bloorview Nursery School


With me going back to work and Oliver getting too big to be dragged around for 4hrs every morning by Nanny Dee we have pulled Stella out of the Holland Bloorview Nursery School in favour of a neighbourhood program. We will miss the little red door greeting us every morning but much more the wonderful teachers, staff and volunteers that made the first school experience such an amazing one for Stella. This is to not even mention the other children and their parents who treated Stella with appropriate levels of curiosity, caring and respect. Hopefully we will all remain friends. Stella’s teachers Lynda and Darlene will forever be a part of our family history and will be remembered fondly by our little girl. Stella missed her last few weeks at the school because we were at SickKids but every morning she would call the weather bird and ask him to look out the window to tell her what it was like outside.

With SMA we know the risk of sending Stella into an environment where she could get sick. But we also understand the toll it takes on Stella to not be included, to spend all her time with adults, to not only be physically limited by SMA but to be held hostage by the what-ifs and maybes. From her first day we knew that Stella was going to be in good hands at HBNS and have the most amazing experience possible for her to have.

Because we missed her last day, Stella and I stopped by the school to pick up her things and say one last hello on the way to her regular Dr’s appointments in the city. To her excitement all of her friends were there, and her teachers had collected her valentines from when she was away. They had also given her a little photo album of her time with them  and a special gift for her to open when she got home.

We will miss you all,

Stella and Family


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