The New Normal

We are home.

Stella is happy to be with her brother and didn’t seem to mind that I went off to work today. I on the other hand had a hard time turning off the webcams while I was at the office.


We are still adjusting to our new normal. Stella has her BPAP. We are still sampling the the nasal masks that the respiratory clinic at SickKids sent us home with. The BPAP and some other new medical issues has also triggered some shift nursing. I am not sure how I feel about this. On one hand it will mean Stella is receiving care so Sarah and I can get a good night sleep and it should also create the opportunity to get nursing through our private insurance. On the other hand it takes me way out of my nice cozy denial bubble.

Now we have to decide when to send her back to school. She loves it and her friends so much but we know that is probably where she is getting sick.

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