Day Six at Hotel SickKids


Considering the fact that Stella and I have been here for 6 days I have to say we have encountered very few people who have not been exemplary both in attitude and level of care. I am very hands on and all the nurses and RT’s have let me do my thing and have been more than happy to assist. They have also been really amazing at offering advice without making me feel like I am not doing my best for Stella.

That said…. I want to bring her home.

It would seem that all this time at the hospital would afford me the time to catch up on email or read or at least sleep but it is amazing how the steady steam of Dr’s, Nurses and therapists as well as looking after all of Stella’s needs eats up a day. Not to mention that the rooms are clearly not designed to accommodate a long stay. For example, where is the desk where I can use my computer, fill out forms, read or…. eat.

Funny though, every time I start to feel sorry for myself I remember why I’m here. Hopefully Stella doesn’t need to be stuck here with her dad for much longer.

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