Sick Again

  Things around here can change pretty quickly. Friday (snow day), Saturday and the beginning of Sunday were amazing. We did a photoshoot for Valentines day and for Olivers upcoming birthday. We took the kids “sledding”, watched movies, had a (few) bieber dance parties. and then wham! sunday afternoon she wakes of from her nap […]

welcome to the family!

Welcome to the family Nanny Dee! Well we searched and searched and then searched some more. And just when we were going to give up, we found her! Our very own “Mary Poppins”. Nanny Dee has lots of nanny experience as well as some nursing training from back home in Indonesia. She is a domestic […]


well its official. we ordered Stella’s chair! we are SO excited and yet nervous. it was such a big decision and we had lots of discussions with her OT, the Shoppers rep, and even the vendor rep. we know this will mean so much to Stella and getting some independence. we just hope we’ve made […]