As we have been trialing powerchairs with Stella, it has become clear that this will garner us more attention when we are out in public. A teeny-tiny little missus in an itty-bitty chair is unusual, cute, and yet also concerning for the average person. Myles and I had begun discussing how we would deal with this extra attention at the grocery store, library, nursery school, mall etc.. We are also aware that Stella is now beginning to understand us more and more everyday, and we are now more cautious of the things we discuss infront of her regarding her diagnosis and prognosis.  So we thought that a business card might be a great way to spread awareness about SMA and give a little info about Stella.

We were inspired by the wonderful work of our SMA friends Bill and Victoria Strong of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation, and they were gracious enough to let us borrow their design and text. Check out their site, inspiring programs and amazing branding at

Ps. they have GREAT tshirts too!

We are really thrilled with how they turned out!!!


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