New Equipment!

We had been working with Stella’s Occupational Therapist since the summer to get Stella a bath seat. This will assist us in bathing her safely and with greater ease. She loves her baths – especially drinking from the sprayer!

Her Respiratory Therapist and doctors have also been working with us to get her a Cough Assist Machine. This artificial cough helps her to clear her airways. We currently use it as a preventative measure, but will increase use when she is ill. At first we were nervous that she wouldn’t like it, but now she loves it – and patiently reads and plays while we do her repetitions.

Although some of the wait-times have been incredibly frustrating and financially worrisome, we know we are so lucky to have great jobs with amazing benefits. As we go through these processes we often think of those who are not so fortunate and who struggle to equip their children with their medical necessities. The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) and Easter Seals are just some of the fantastic funding organizations that help families like ours!


Stella 2 (1) Stella 1 (1) Stella

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