How to say thank-you?

So I am laying in bed wondering where the day went, and I don’t want to wait another day to mention some people who are doing some amazing things for Stella (I am using my iPhone to post please excuse any typos).
A very close friend of ours, Danielle who now lives in Calgary runs an internet based gourmet dog treat company. For her treat of the month she is selling a George and Stella themed muffin basket. It has all of their favorite flavors in it! Check it out here and make sure to throw other item from her amazing menu, your dog will love you for it.
In Houston a friend that Sarah and I met through my sister in ran a lemonade stand at a baseball game (anyone who has ever been in Texas in the summer knows it gets HOT).
I really don’t know how to thank everyone that is pulling for Stella and doing what they can to help us. Just know that we are so grateful and touched by everyone’s support.

Myles Sarah and Stella





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