Visit from CCAC and out to Dr Sgro

We had a visit in house from CCAC today. They will be assisting us in finding services that might help with Stella. Not much is available to us because they have a gross income cut-off which we exceed. It is super frustrating because they don’t take cost of living or where you live into account.

After our visit with the case worker, we had a nice stroll around the neighbourhood. It was the first really “nice” day of the summer and we took advantage of time between appointments to get out and about.

Dr Sgro just took Stella’s weight and measurements today to chart her progress. She has plateaued a bit but he says that is normal so we are not so worried about that.

That was it for today. We are still waiting to get information and appointments from all of our [Stella’s] other Dr’s and case workers.

Thanks for checking in.

Enjoying the weather! Enjoying the weather!


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